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Last updated: 2010, September 12

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Alpaca Farm on Brendon Hills in Somerset
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Whelens Cafe, Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe White Hart Hotel
Wiveliscombe Street Scene
Wiveliscombe West Street
Group outside White Hart in Wivey
10 radio Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Butchers Shop
Wivey Hardware Store Wiveliscombe Somerset
Post Office, Wiveliscombe Post Office
Wiveliscombe Park Wiveliscombe Somerset
The Larder Shop Wiveliscombe somerset
Jews Lane Wiiveliscombe
Jones Garage Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Petrol Station Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Jones Garage and West Road
Wiveliscombe bus stop
Wiveliscombe Garden Shop
Toilets Wiveliscombe Public Toilets Somerset
Wiveliscombe Primary School
Wiveliscombe Postbox and top of High Street
Wiveliscombe Pharmacy
Wiveliscombe House Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Library
Wiveliscombe Courthouse Coffee Shop
Wiveliscombe - the Square
Wiveliscombe Newsagents and Estate Agents
People on streets of wiveliscombe
Silver Street Wiveliscombe Somerset
Congregational Church Wiveliscombe
Golden Hill Wiveliscombe
The former Hancocks Brewery Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe High Street
Polish migrant worker in window of former Lion Hotel
Former Public Dispensary Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe High Street Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Shops in High Street
Horse and Rider Wiveliscombe
Up the Hill, Wiveliscombe
Crossroads Wiveliscombe Somerset
Cheapside Wiveliscombe
Houses in Church Street Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Chip Shop Wivey Chippy
Church Street Wiveliscombe Chip Shop
Wiveliscombe Church Childrens Area Somerset
Wiveliscombe Church Graveyard
Yew Tree Wiveliscombe Somerset
Wiveliscombe - Church Gates
Wiveliscombe Roman Catholic Church
Taunton Road Wiveliscombe
Manor Garage Wiveliscombe
Poppins Outside Catering Somerset
South Street Wiveliscombe
Houses on South Street Wiveliscombe Somerset
Kingsmead school Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Children's Centre
West Road Wiveliscombe
War Memorial Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe Recreation Ground
Wiveliscombe Swimming Pool
Wiveliscombe Playground
Wiveliscombe old postcard of Wiveliscombe
Vintage Postcard Wiveliscombe
Wiveliscombe old postcard of the Square, Wiveliscombe
Vintage Postcard Road Roller Wiveliscombe
Le Lion d'Angers France
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Carnival Wiveliscombe Somerset
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